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Hunting has been a passion of mine since I was a young kid. It is a lifestyle that my father ingrained in me, as his father did to him. I’ve spent most of my life in the field hunting for deer, elk, bear, ducks and geese, and many other game species throughout the US. This has provided me and my family with fresh wild game meat each year, an appreciation for the outdoors, and a tradition that will stay with my family forever. Having the ability to put food on the table no matter what is a skill I am proud to pass down to my kids.

My goal is to share these traditions and stories from my time in the field, and simplify the way we hunt. Understanding that many do not have the fortune of having a mentor or hunting buddy, I will show you how accessible hunting is to anyone, which will help get and keep you in the field

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I have always been drawn to the water.  What is important to me now is sharing that love for fishing and going on adventures with others. I grew up fishing for trout, salmon, and steelhead and was floating around ponds in a float tube searching for largemouth bass by the age of 10.  I have fished around the country chasing little green friends to weigh in tournaments and worked on small boats stacking albacore tuna for market.  I aim to simplify the process for new anglers and challenge seasoned folks to think outside the box and never stop evolving.  

My goal is to inspire readers of Jungle Pursuit to take more adventures in the great outdoors and if you pick up a rod to be part of the 10% of anglers catching 90% of the fish.

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